A deep rooted desire to ensure high quality services and compassionate care for those most vulnerable in our society has underpinned my career. This stems from my experiences as a young carer and drives my focus to improve DE&I initiatives to ensure representation and coproduction.  I developed many of my professional skillsets (specifically advanced communication and person-centred care) through the delivery of cancer care in the NHS before being headhunted into private healthcare for these skills. It was within the delivery of private healthcare that I developed my business acumen and ability to create and refine business critical policies and practices. I also developed my understanding of dosimetry planning and ability to deliver intensity modulated image guided radiotherapy while constantly improving the management of side effects and supporting the psychosocial and emotional needs of patients.

Our team


  • Sarah Bird
  • Martin Simon
  • John Biesse
  • David Doherty
  • Maria Ardley
  • Femi Oyetunde
  • Rizi Shafique