quality mark holder

West Wight: QM–June 2019

West Wight Time bank is made up of members of the West Wight community whose aim is to reach out to individuals and groups in the community, showing them that everyone has something to offer.     

“We’re proud to display the TBUK Quality Mark on all our publicity materials.” 

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Derbyshire Time Swap: QM–June 2019

Derbyshire’s network of time banks is a strong one with well-planned aims and clear outcomes. The time banks operate in areas including Amber Valley, Erewash and High Peak.     

“We’re delighted to announce we have been awarded the  Timebanking UK Quality Mark which recognises the excellent work happening throughout Derbyshire. This award demonstrates the hard work and commitment that the Time Swap team has put into the scheme.” 

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Chesterfield Time Bank: QM–Dec 2019

Chesterfield Time Bank is an independent  time bank with over 300 members, established in 2001. Over this time, it has grown and adapted while staying true to the core values of the timebanking philosophy.     

“Chesterfield Time Bank are thrilled to receive the Timebanking UK Quality Mark! We’re proud of the high standards of operation which have been at the core of  our time bank throughout its 18 years of operation and to have this point endorsed through the Quality Mark is just wonderful.” 

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Timebanking in Tameside

Timebanking in Tameside, run by Community Voluntary Action Tameside (CVAT), aims to build and support strong and vibrant voluntary and community action. 

“Thank you so much; we wish we had applied sooner. We are so thrilled.” 

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Leith: QM–Dec 2019

Leith Timebank has been operating in and around Leith since 2012. The time bank’s main focus is to support older people, carers and adults across all generations, many with one or more chronic conditions.   

“Everyone at Leith Timebank is delighted to be awarded the Timebanking UK Quality Mark. We would like to say a massive thank you to our host organisation Pilmeny Development Project, Leith Timebank Advisory Group and our partner organisation. But the biggest ‘thank you’ has to go to our members and local community!” 

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