Anyone can join a time bank. Whether you’re in your eighties or your twenties, working or unemployed, in poor health or at the top of your game, timebanking lets you to connect with the people around you and share your skills.

Why do we need timebanking? 

Life has changed and, today, our friends and family don’t always live nearby. Its not easy to ask neighbours for help these days, particularly if we don’t know when we will be able to return the favour. 

Timebanking is a rewarding and enjoyable way to bring people together to share their skills. Time bank members get the help they need and help each other by taking turns to be responsible for some of the care and practical support we all need from time to time and, with timebanking, people of all ages and abilities can join in and exchange a whole range of skills. 

We believe everyone in society is of value, no matter what their age or ability; whatever their education level; and whether or not they’re in work. Everyone has knowledge and experience, and every person can be of value by helping someone in their community.