How timebanking works for Sheila

(click on the first image to follow Sheila’s time bank journey).

Sheila lives alone. Her husband has passed away and her children have all moved to different areas. She knows how busy their lives are and doesn’t want to bother them when she feels lonely or needs help at home. 

Sheila sees a leaflet in the doctors surgery and gets in touch with the time bank organiser, Sharon. 

Sharon goes to visit Sheila in her home to meet her and find out what she feels she might like to do in the time bank – Sheila doesn’t think she can do anything, but she feels she’d like some help at home sometimes. 

Sheila joins other time bank members for a coffee morning and finds out that other people in her community need some help too. 

Another time bank member, Lucy, wants to learn to cook. Sheila earns a time credit teaching her how to make a quiche. 

Sharon arranges for Tom to cut Sheila’s lawn. It takes one hour and costs Sheila one time credit. 

Sheila spends a credit on a keep fit class… 

…then earns more time credits teaching other members how to send emails. 

It’s easy to join us! 

Joining your local time bank opens the door to a world of support and connections.