Timebanking UK (TBUK) is the national charity supporting the development of timebanking – we’re the timebanking experts! We’re the only membership organisation in the UK who provide advice, resources, software and training to anyone who wants to set up a new time bank, develop their existing one, or just learn more about timebanking.

We’re the custodians of British timebanking, with a code of practice based on two decades of effective and successful exchanges that release everyone’s potential – and our Quality MarkTM sets the standard for timebanking organisations throughout the country.

What’s more, we’re changing the conversation about social value, and leading the way on making our society more dynamic and inclusive. The Department of Work and Pensions enables jobseekers to claim timebanking hours towards their time looking for work, while our partnership with CADW allows time bank members to ‘spend’ time credits at heritage sites throughout Wales. We’re working with Sport England, the Coalition for Personalised Care, the National Association of Link Workers, and the Health Creation Alliance to name but a few – we and our members are changing the world, one hour at a time.

Helping people share time

Timebanking brings people together to share their time and skills. 

One hour of your help earns one hour of help from someone else – whenever you need it. And the magical thing about timebanking is this: everyone’s time is treated equally, whether you’re an astrophysicist or a lollipop lady.

We believe everyone has something to give, regardless of their age, ability or background, and that being able to share their time and skills helps people grow in confidence.

As well as supporting local time banks across the UK, from the Isle of Wight to Dundee, we work with community groups and public service organisations to set up and develop time banks for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in society – including refugees, young people, homeless families, and people with long-term health conditions or specific mental health needs.

Promoting timebanking at home and abroad

Timebanking UK actively promotes our reciprocal timebanking model by lobbying government, MPs and other policymakers, encouraging them to:

  • support local time banks;
  • embrace the timebanking concept on a national level;
  • and examine how timebanking principles can be incorporated into different services and sectors.

We’re recognised as an international leader in our field, and we’ve used our expertise to support the development of timebanking in countries including China, Russia, India, South Korea and Thailand.

Our charity

Timebanking UK is a national charity (number 1101204) and a company limited by guarantee (number 040502783). We have a small team of permanent staff based in Stroud and a board of trustees with expertise in the charity sector, business and communications. Our highly experienced and skilled associates work on an ad-hoc basis across the country, providing local support on behalf of Timebanking UK.

Timebanking UK was founded in 2002, four years after social activist Martin Simon, inspired by the growth of timebanking in the USA, opened the first time bank in Stroud. By March 2021, six million hours had been exchanged across the UK by our members.