About our time banks

There are time banks throughout the UK, from the Isle of Wight to Dundee. Each one connects communities, develops relationships and empowers individuals. Timebanking UK helps our time banks to start up and prosper, offering ongoing training, bespoke software, one-to-one support and advice, and the opportunity to apply for our Timebanking UK Quality Mark™.

Time banks are usually run by a coordinator or broker, who manages the time bank’s operations using specialised software, meets new members, and oversees events and activities. 

By being part of the Timebanking UK national network, time banks are part of something much bigger than their local town or area. Connecting with our time banks through regional meetings, conferences, training days and online sessions, sharing best practice and learning from each other’s challenges… time bank coordinators have a chain of support to guide them through their timebanking journey.  

Join us! 

We have a range of membership packages suitable for individual time banks or organisations that wish to create their own network of time banks – find out more here.

Stories from our time banks

At Timebanking UK, we’re all about connecting people, and time bank members love being part of our community. For members, joining a time bank can give them a new perspective on themselves and their abilities – and introduce them to a whole new set of friends.

We hear so many wonderful stories about how timebanking has changed people’s lives – here are just a few.