Timebanking UK has produced a range of useful publications that give the background to timebanking and offer you guidance and support in setting up and running your time bank. 

Partners in Time

PIT FP 2024

A proposal for using timebanking to build self-esteem and change self-perceptions for people within the criminal justice system

Stories from our members and the media


A selection of stories from our members and the media.

Timebanking UK, Year in review 2022

Timebanking UK 2022 year in review picture

Timebanking UK’s 2022 Year in review, published in 2023

Timebanking UK, Annual Report 2021

timebanking Annual Report 2021

Timebanking UK’s 2021 Annual Report, published in June 2021

A Timebanking Proposal


An outline of the process and benefits of setting up a time bank within your community or organisation. A Timebanking Proposal is aimed at NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, councils, faith groups, charities and private companies who wish to incorporate timebanking principles into their work in order to build happier, healthier and better connected communities or service users.

Timebanking – A Prospectus

Timebanking UK Prospectus

This document introduces timebanking to policymakers, practitioners and commissioners in local authorities, CCGs, housing organisations and other public and voluntary sector agencies. It explains how timebanking is helping to transform healthcare, and how it can help organisations meet government agendas and priorities in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

Time to Connect – Final Evaluation

Time to connect: Final Evaluation

Published in 2020, this is the final evaluation report of the Time to Connect (TTC) project, a partnership initiative, supported by the Big Lottery Fund, between the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) and Timebanking UK. It aimed to support people living in traditional care settings to increase their participation in their local community life.

Connecting People in Care Homes and Supported Living with their Communities

Time to connect: Care homes

This guide sets out of some the lessons from the final evaluation of the Time to Connect (TTC) project – a collaboration between NDTi and Timebanking UK. It is intended for time bank coordinators and members who want to engage with people living in care settings such as residential and nursing homes, or supported living accommodation

Timebanking for Those with Sight Loss and Visual Impairments 

Thanks to funding from the Greater London Fund for the Blind, Timebanking UK has created resources which enable people with sight loss to become involved in timebanking. This report explains more about the materials we used and our plans for further development. 

20 Timebanking Stories

20 Timebanking stories

Produced to celebrate 20 years of timebanking in the UK, 20 Timebanking Stories presents a range of case studies that vividly illustrate the impact of timebanking in our communities. 

Social Franchising Report

This paper presents our vision for the transformation of social care for adults, a three-year national programme to create timebanking networks, including a public awareness campaign and training in coproduction for social care managers and key workers.

Time for Hampshire

This report explains how a grant from Hampshire County Council was used to plan and develop a network of time banks, resulting in more community engagement across the county.

Calculating the Social Value of Person to Person Timebanking

In this case study, our time bank in Barnet assessed the social return on investment (SROI) of timebanking activity.

Evaluation and Impact of the London Time Bank Network 

Five London time banks took part in this social evaluation project conducted in collaboration with the City of London and City Bridge. It assessed impact according to a range of outcome; a key finding was that the time banks achieved a combined social value figure of over £3 million.

Timebanking and Health 

A useful introduction to timebanking and how it improves health outcomes, aimed at GPs, Clinical Commissioning Groups and other health service commissioners. 

Give and Take

Cover of Give and Take by David Boyle & Sarah Bird

Published in 2014, David Boyle and Sarah Bird’s book explores the impact of a ground-breaking experiment to introduce timebanking within health and social care. The Department of Health-funded project aimed to address the fragmentation of service provision and the increasing needs of older people. By the end of the project in 2013, over 1,500 people had taken part in time exchanges, with almost 29,000 hours having been successfully exchanged.