Let’s work together

Timebanking UK is the national voice for time banks in the UK. We can give you an invaluable insight into how time banks work in the UK, how they do it, and the benefits timebanking can bring to individuals, local communities, the economy and society as a whole.

Does your organisation want to improve outcomes for:

  • people with mental health issues?
  • disabled people?
  • older people?
  • homeless people?
  • people who have committed crimes?
  • young people?
  • refugees?
  • people with learning difficulties?
  • people with long-term health conditions?
  • anyone in your community or organisation?

We’ve helped set up time banks across the country to help people with a variety of different needs, and we can support you in setting up and developing a time bank network to achieve your chosen outcomes.

To get the best out of your timebanking experience and maximise the outcomes for the people you work with, we’ll ensure you understand:

  • what timebanking can and cannot do
  • the safeguarding processes to incorporate
  • how to minimise risk
  • the legal structure your time bank might need
  • how to measure and evaluate the impact of timebanking
  • how to manage community expectations
  • how to be sustainable
  • why co-production with your members is vital
  • pitfalls to avoid

We want to share our vast experience and expertise with you, to benefit your organisation, your service users and, ultimately, our whole society. Growing the UK’s timebanking movement is our top priority, and we want it to be a successful, rewarding and effective experience for everyone.

We have worked with the Department of Work and Pensions  and the Disclosure and Barring Service and they have published specific guidance on timebanking and the benefits it brings.

We offer bespoke training packages tailored to the needs of your teams, clients and volunteers, and we’ll work with you at your location to get your time bank network off the ground within six to 12 months.

Within this ever-changing economic and social climate, timebanking gives your organisation the edge. Our own and other research shows that people who take part in timebanking are happier, more confident and feel better connected with other people. Timebanking delivers benefits for your business, your local partners and your entire community, and Timebanking UK can help your employees and clients realise their social, mental health and physical goals.

Timebanking works because it recognises the talents and skills we all have, whatever our age, education level, ability or background. We recognise the assets in our communities, and the mechanism of timebanking values everyone in a way that transcends the simple reductivism of our economic system.

Ways to work with us

As a partner

  • We have a strategic partnership with Made Open, a company specialising in technology that supports communities
  • We are partners with Serco Leisure and the Alzheimer’s Society
  • We can work together on a joint programme or funding application – as we have with Voluntary Arts England and the Richmond Fellowship to bring creative activities, time swapping and skill sharing to Liverpool to help people back into employment

As a collaborator

We work in collaboration with:

As a commissioner

We’ve been commissioned to support the development of timebanking activities by:

  • the Royal British Legion
  • Hampshire County Council
  • Warwickshire County Council
  • Leicestershire County Council
  • Derbyshire County Council
  • Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services
  • Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Services
  • Community 360, Essex
  • Surrey County Council
  • Torbay Community Development Trust

Read our Timebanking Proposal to find out more about how we work with public services and community groups to develop timebanking projects.

Sponsor a time bank

If your company has stated charitable or social objectives, you could sponsor a time bank to help meet those aims. For example, supporting a time bank helps to alleviate loneliness, which costs the NHS an estimated £6,000 per person. For example, £5,000 a year could pay for a time bank worker to reach out to those who may be suffering ill health directly caused by loneliness.

Timebanking UK can work with GPs, hospitals and adult social services to signpost lonely people to the time bank, giving them the opportunity to rejoin the community and feel valued. When people feel valued, their mental health improves. When people have friends, they’re happier and need less medical intervention with conditions such as depression.

Timebanking UK can ensure that time banks reach out to at least 50 vulnerable or lonely people a year and report back to sponsors about how your support has helped.

If you’d like to support the work done by Timebanking UK, please contact us at info@timebanking.org or call our head office on 01453 750952.

Sponsor a national event

Timebanking UK holds national events to bring together time banks and their members to learn from each other, exchange ideas and celebrate the amazing work they’re doing across the country. However, travel and accommodation costs often prevent members and coordinators from attending. With as little as £2,000, Timebanking UK could offer free places, travel and an overnight stay to around 100 people to enable them to attend one of our events and share their stories with others.

To support one of our national events, please contact us at info@timebanking.org or call our head office on 01453 750952.

Vacancies at TBUK

Timebanking UK is part of the Kickstart scheme, which supports young people at risk of long-term unemployment into work. We have four vacancies available at the moment, each for 25 hours a week. Closing date for applications is Tuesday 1 June. To apply, send your CV and a cover letter to Sarah Bird at sarah@timebanking.org.

Bid writing assistant: This role would be ideal for someone who enjoys writing and can put across ideas in a persuasive and compelling way. We’ll support you to learn more about funding and partnership working in the complex third sector environment. You’ll be a confident talker, and you’ll be organised and self-motivated. This is a homeworking position with occasional visits to our head office in Stroud.
Office assistant: Based at our head office in Stroud, this position would suit a well-organised person who is confident at using Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and someone who can write a good email, Facebook or Instagram post and Tweet. You will be a self-starter with the confidence to take the initiative, and you will be highly organised with an eye for detail.
Project coordinator: The perfect position for a future manager, this position will give you a good grounding in project management and reporting. You’ll be a stickler for detail, with a good head for figures, and you’ll also have a highly professional manner which will make it easy for you to represent the charity to funders and partners. This is a homeworking position.
Youth coordinator: This project-based position will involve developing, delivering and reporting on a scheme to get young people involved in timebanking to improve their physical health and wellbeing. You may have experience of poor physical or mental health yourself, or you may have lived or worked with young people with these experiences. This position would suit someone with experience of disability, either themselves, or through work or family. This role will be based at the Richmond Fellowship in Liverpool.

For full details of each role, click on this link.