With its emphasis on connecting people through what they enjoy doing, timebanking is a highly effective way of engaging everyone in society – basically, of making everyone feel included. Our video library is an introduction to the many and varied ways in which timebanking makes a difference to people’s lives.

The overview

TEDx Talk by Sarah Bird

Timebanking UK’s CEO Sarah Bird talks about why timebanking is important and how it can reshape the way we value people.

Who are Timebanking UK?

Timebanking UK’s CEO Sarah Bird explains why it’s vital for time banks to have their national organisation, Timebanking UK, behind them.

The local perspective

These videos explain how timebanking works from a local perspective: Woolmer Forest in Hampshire, Peckham’s HOurBank, the Essex Network of time banks and Gloucester Fair Shares.

The international perspective

This video is the recording of the 2022 International Timebanking Day event. It includes: a memorial to Edgar Cahn, the History of Timebanking in the UK, Timebanking around the World, a presentation from Doctor Gong Chen, and more.

Finding a focus

Sheffield Creative Guild

Sometimes, time banks have a particular focus, such as this one set up by the Sheffield Creative Guild.

Rhoi Eich Ardal

Find out all about this Conwy-based timebanking scheme, Rhoi Eich Ardal or Give Where You Live, which has grown to involve several districts. 

Refugee Action Kingston

This time bank project creates a welcoming space for refugees, with activities that include popular cook and share recipe sessions.

Personal experiences 

Broadway time bank

In this video for a presentation on timebanking, Paul Wilson of Broadway explains the impact joining a time bank has on him, and why he is one of timebanking’s most committed advocates.

Rushey Green

Rushey Green is a superb example of a time bank that has become part of the very fabric of the local community. This film explores the way the time bank has opened up a new world for some of its members.