Timebanking is a way of exchanging skills without any money changing hands. With timebanking, you do what you love, when you want to… and get a little help when you need it.

For every hour you spend helping someone, you earn an hour back from your time bank.

You could earn an hour by helping a time bank member with their shopping, for example; you can spend your timebanking hour on skills offered by other time bank members – maybe you want to learn guitar, or get some help in your garden.

Timebanking UK is the only organisation to offer resources and support to set up and grow time banks and timebanking networks.

Get help when you need it and use your skills to help others – for FREE.

We’ll provide you with the materials, training and support to get your time bank off to the best start – and to keep it growing and thriving.

Help you develop timebanking networks that benefit the communities you support. Being part of a time bank makes people healthier and happier.

Timebanking news

Spring is in the air but months of uncertainty mean we might feel reluctant to jump back into #community life.

#Timebanking is a fab way to blossom again, reigniting connections in a way and at a pace that suits you.

Join our intro, Thu 18 Mar: http://ow.ly/3vYU50DNRCR


It's International Wheelchair Day, so here's a big shout out to all our time bank members and supporters who use wheelchairs. As well as celebrating the wheelchair and its users, #InternationalWheelchairDay is a reminder of all those across the world who don't have access to one.

Disability Rights UK@DisRightsUK

Today is International Wheelchair Day: https://internationalwheelchairday.wordpress.com/

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