Timebanking has existed in the UK for many years. The milestones we have celebrated have been many, all built on a rich history of time exchange.


Timebanking UK is the voice of timebanking in the UK. Our members and affiliates report their activities and we use this data to illustrate the constant growth of timebanking in the UK, and the powerful movement that this implies.

The number of members is how many people are registered with out digital timebanking platform, Time Online 2. This membership figure is derived from everyone who has joined us throughout our history, whether they are still actively a member of the platform, or if they carry time banking on their own journey.

The number of organisations is the number of members who are members of the TOL2 platform and who represent an organisation, and who represent that organisation through skill exchange.

The number of exchanges is how many times members have successfully completed a skills exchange.

Hours exchanged is how many timebanking hours have been exchanged, and which exceeded 6 million in 2022.

The data is drawn from our online platform and supplemented with figures from other timebanking groups throughout the UK who use other methods to track, share and safeguard their members. data is also added from both the first iteration,  Time Online, and from the pre Time Online days.

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