Join the team at Timebanking UK as projects and comms officer

Timebanking UK are recruiting a new role ‘Projects and Communications Officer’ which will be remote working four days a week at £26k per annum pro rata. The closing date is 11th November and interviews scheduled for 23rd/24th November.

To apply, please send your CV and a letter of application to JOHN@TIMEBANKING.ORG,

Closing date for applications: Friday 11th November.

Interviews: Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th November 2022.

Job Title: Projects and Communications Officer

Description: Part-time 4 days a week

Location: Remote

Salary: Salary £26k per annum pro rata

Responsible to: New Partnerships and Business Lead

Timebanking UK are a national charity providing advice, training and resources that enables time banks to flourish, engage and involve local people across the UK and beyond. Timebanking is where people help one another in communities using time as the currency creating mutual social and practical support networks to make people feel safer, happier and healthier.

Job Role:

This is an exciting role within the organisation to help coordinate a variety of projects and improve the communication across our time bank network, stakeholders and supporters, helping us to reach a wider audience. You will act as a conduit between Timebanking UK, our projects’ partners and our member time banks. The projects involve working with the staff team and time banks to achieve specific targets and collating succinct information into effective reports.

You will also have a key role in fundraising, writing funding bids to Trusts and finding new funding opportunities, with support from the staff team. Experience with writing tenders will be an advantage in this role.  

Proving the impact of our organisation and that of timebanking is extremely important, so experience in the generation of reports and using social return of investment would be particularly valuable.

Since we are a small charity, employees are expected to be flexible, adaptable and contribute where they can to our success. Timebanking UK has a small staff team and friendly company culture and we all work closely together to support the growth of timebanking.

Main Responsibilities 

  • Coordination and monitoring a variety of projects and reporting to funders 
  • Exploring funding opportunities and writing funding applications
  • Communicating with our member time banks
  • Supporting the team in proving the impact of Timebanking UK and in turn the value and impact of timebanking for people and communities (including SROI)


Skills Specification

  • Project delivery and monitoring experience
  • Effective report writing
  • Communication experience using a variety of methods with people at all levels
  • Experience of fundraising, writing funding bids and understanding the necessity of unrestricted funding and managing budgets
  • Excel, Word and MS Office applications experience
  • Compiling newsletters (copy and design)
  • Experience with website content management systems
  • Knowledge of the charitable sector, systems and challenges


Person Specification

  • Self-driven, motivational person capable of working alone whilst being a team member
  • Ability to manage multiple initiatives and prioritise and co-ordinate under pressure
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Desire to learn new systems/skills and technology
  • Experience of establishing and developing innovative programmes that deliver positive outcomes for people and communities

To apply, please send your CV and a letter of application to,

Closing date for applications: Friday 11th November.

Interviews: Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th November 2022.


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Could Timebanking help prevent climate crisis?

André Gorz, a French social scientist, coined the term “degrowth” in 1972. At an academic forum, he posed a revolutionary question: “Is the earth’s balance, for which no-growth—or even degrowth—of material production is a necessary condition, compatible with the survival of the capitalist system?” Back then, the idea of prioritizing human and environmental welfare over economic growth was so radical that Gorz was laughed out of the political sphere. 

The concept of degrowth as demonstrated in a timebank in Boston in the US.

The full story can be read here (external link).

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Fantastic news from Ukraine – new time bank set up!


Ukraine time bankThere’s recently been a fantastic development in the world of timebanking! Along with @TimeBanksOrg we’ve supported the @PAUCIFoundation to set up a time bank in Ukraine! Timebank Verkhovyna has launched in West Ukraine helping to involve people displaced from Eastern Ukraine where they can feel valued and engaged in the local community. I am personally very proud and moved with their mention of my help.

The full story can be read here (external link).

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A sad day for timebanking

Dr. Edgar Cahn

Sadly, the world has lost a wonderful pioneer and trailblazer to the Timebanking movement early Sunday morning.

Dr. Edgar Cahn, age 86, One of the founders of timebanking, author of Time Dollars and No More Throw-Away People, embodied the highest ideals of both mobilizing communities to come together to express their strengths and to restore mutual care. He created a new way to link untapped social capacity to unmet social needs and for communities to come together to help promote trust, reciprocity, and citizen engagement.
In the most beautiful way, Edgar moved people from his heart. He made each person feel that their problem is important and that he has all the time in the world for them.

Thank you, Edgar.

On behalf of the timebanking movement in the UK. Our deepest sympathies to not just his family but everyone that has been touched by him.

We have what we need – if we use what we have” – Edgar Cahn

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Uttlesford adjusts to the pandemic

Steve and Mark are friends, both working at Stansted Airport, and sharing a flat together. They found out about Time Bank Uttlesford through their Airport Community Team, which looks for ways in which the airport can help out in the community. Steve has been involved in quite a few gardening exchanges during the Covid 19 pandemic while being furloughed from his job at the airport. 

Time Bank Uttlesford’s broker Tessa says, “These gardening opportunities have been hugely beneficial to both parties involved; as people have been stuck at home, unable to work and with shops, pubs, and gyms all closed, these exchanges give valuable social, health and wellbeing opportunities to the Time Bank members taking part. Stansted Airport have been a member since September 2015 and have been involved in many group exchanges over the past years.”

The beneficiary in this case was Jacki, a member of Time Bank Uttlesford since January 2019. Jacki has been very active in the time bank, setting up a seated exercise class which has been a huge success for over a year now. During the pandemic, she had to move to holding an online Zoom class, helping participants to learn about Zoom in the process. She has also been helping out with shopping, prescription fulfilment, leading walks and ‘neighbourhood nattering’! It was time she used some of her time credits, so Steve and Mark working on her lawn edging was ideal. 

During the afternoon Steve had told her about one of his previous exchanges at a care home, of which Jacki wholeheartedly approved. 

“I think it is a very positive thing to do,” says Jacki. “It’s a great way to show others outside of timebanking what enjoyment one gets out of helping people. The fun those two chaps had at the care home – they really had a ball and were rewarded with tea, cake and very kind words. That’s what it’s all about!”

“Jacki was thrilled with the result and could not have been happier with such a great tea,” explains Tessa. “There was a lot of laughter and merriment and it was just wonderful to be able to be socialising, safely, during these testing and challenging times. The weather, as you see from the photo, was also smiling for us! All in all it was a really uplifting afternoon and we all came away feeling much more joyful and optimistic about everything.”

Time Bank Uttlesford has been very busy during the pandemic, as part of the Uttlesford Community Response Team, delivering prescriptions, shopping, telephone befriending and dog exercising for many beneficiaries. “We’ve been gradually exploring the Zoom world as well and, being part of the Essex Time Bank Network, are part of the Friday afternoon T@3 Zoom sessions,” says Tessa.

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