Timebanking UK Achieves Cyber Essentials Plus Certification: Ensuring Trust and Security for Our Members

We are thrilled to announce that Timebanking UK has achieved Cyber Essentials Plus certification, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to providing a safe and secure experience for our members, partners and supporters. This certification demonstrates our dedication to upholding the highest standards of cybersecurity and data protection, ensuring that our members can engage in timebanking activities with confidence and peace of mind.

Cyber Essentials Plus is a rigorous certification scheme developed by the UK government to help organisations protect against common cyber threats. Achieving this certification requires undergoing an independent assessment of our cybersecurity measures, including testing of systems and controls to ensure they meet the required standards.

Sarah Bird, CEO of Timebanking UK, expressed her enthusiasm about this achievement, stating, “At Timebanking UK, the security and privacy of our members are paramount. Achieving Cyber Essentials Plus certification reaffirms our commitment to maintaining a safe and trusted environment for our members to connect, collaborate, and make a positive impact in their communities. We hope this achievement demonstrates to potential corporate partners that Timebanking UK is of high calibre, ensuring that collaborations with us are not only meaningful but also conducted with the utmost professionalism and security.”

Guiding us through this comprehensive process was James Ryan from The Idea Agency, whose expertise and dedication were instrumental in successfully navigating the complexities of Cyber Essentials Plus certification. James commented, “It was a pleasure working with Timebanking UK on their journey to Cyber Essentials Plus compliance. This certification not only demonstrates their commitment to cybersecurity but also positions them as a reliable and professional organisation for potential collaborators.”

Our Cyber Essentials Plus certification signifies our adherence to essential cybersecurity practices, including secure configuration, boundary firewalls, access control, and more. By achieving this certification, we reinforce our dedication to protecting the personal information of our stakeholders and ensuring the integrity and availability of our timebanking platform.

For our current and prospective members, this certification provides assurance that Timebanking UK takes their security seriously and is continuously investing in measures to safeguard their data. It also opens up new opportunities for collaboration with businesses and organisations that prioritise cybersecurity and risk mitigation in their partnerships.

As we celebrate this achievement, we extend our gratitude to our members for their continued trust and support. Together, we will continue to empower communities, foster connections, and create positive social change through the power of timebanking.

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6th Annual International Timebanking day

The theme of International Timebanking Day, 23rd March 2024, was the power of connection to heal the world. As always it was an uplifting and enlightening celebration, with participants from all corners of the globe. Hosted by Timebanking UK CEO, Sarah Bird and TimeBanks.Org CEO, Krista Wyatt, the event saw an exchange of innovative timebanking ideas and experiences. Every year our movement grows – and International Timebanking Day is a testament to the global community making that happen through its commitment to fostering reciprocity, building communities, and creating social cohesion.

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Westminster Hall debate on the potential merits of Government support for Timebanking

Timebanking UK Announcement

We’re thrilled to announce that Deidre Brock MP has secured a Westminster Hall debate on the potential merits of Government support for Timebanking. The debate, titled “Potential merits of Government support for Timebanking,” is scheduled for Tuesday, 27th February, from 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM in Westminster Hall.

Our CEO, Sarah Bird is thrilled to have this opportunity on behalf of the national timebanking community Timebanking UK represents and advocates for. The work done by community members across the country, as part of the timebanking movement  so often plugs the gaps left behind by statutory services. Deidre Brock MP’s commitment to promoting timebanking as a solution to modern community challenges is commendable as it recognises this quiet, consistent and compassionate work.

This is a golden opportunity to shed light on the transformative impact of tim ebanking in fostering community bonds, tackling social isolation, and supporting vulnerable demographics. We encourage all interested parties to attend the debate in person at Westminster Hall or follow the live proceedings via

Details: 📅 Date: Tuesday, 27th February 🕓 Time: 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM 📍 Location: Westminster Hall, UK Parliament

How to Attend: 👥 Members of the public can attend debates at Westminster Hall. Find more information on attending debates here.

📺 Can’t make it in person? You can still follow the live proceedings via – Commons.

NOTE TO TIMEBANKING MEMBERS & SUPPORTERS: Please contact your local MP and encourage them to attend. Visit Who is my MP? for contact details.

The potential benefits to grassroot communities, of parliamentary backing for the timebanking method are numerous and far-reaching

Social Cohesion: Timebanking fosters stronger bonds within communities by encouraging reciprocal exchanges of skills and services.

Government support would amplify this effect by legitimising and promoting timebanking initiatives, thereby strengthening social cohesion and trust among citizens.

Inclusivity and Empowerment: Grassroots timebanking empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds to contribute to their communities based on their unique skills and talents.

Government endorsement would further promote inclusivity by ensuring that all members of society, regardless of socioeconomic status, have access to and benefit from timebanking opportunities.

Community Resilience: By facilitating the exchange of services and resources among community members, timebanking enhances local resilience in the face of challenges such as economic downturns or natural disasters.

Government backing would provide additional resources and support networks to bolster community resilience efforts.

Health and Well-being: Engaging in meaningful exchanges through timebanking improves individuals’ mental and physical well-being by fostering a sense of purpose, belonging, and connection to others.

Government recognition of the health benefits of timebanking would lead to the integration of such initiatives into public health strategies and social care programmes.

Economic Sustainability: Timebanking offers a cost-effective way to address community needs without relying solely on monetary transactions. By leveraging the skills and resources already present within communities, timebanking contributes to economic sustainability at the local level.

Government endorsement would further incentivise participation in timebanking, thereby promoting economic resilience and resource efficiency.

For updates and further information, follow us on Twitter @TimebankingUK.

Together, let’s build stronger, more connected communities through Timebanking!

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‘Potential merits of Government support for Timebanking’

Deidre Brock, MP for Edinburgh North and Leith, talks about initiatives and fresh ideas in an article published in advance of a Westminster hall debate on Tuesday the 27th February.

Here is the link to the lovely piece of writing:

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CEO Sarah Bird interview discussed community benefits of timebanking

Our CEO, Sarah Bird, was recently interviewed by Kasia Westwood of 3SC about the benefits and impact timebanking has on communities.

Timebanking is a currency in which an hour of help given earns an hour in return for the support each contributor needs.

It is being used to great effect across the country from cul-de-sacs, blocks of flats, businesses that care, and supported living centres to youth offender institutions.

Timebanking can be applied wherever people want to help people. If you’re looking for ways to make an authentic contribution that will positively impact a community that matters to you — Timebanking UK is here to help you achieve that goal.

Connect with and contact to get started.


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International Timebanking Day(s)


International Timebank Days

To mark Edgar’s Cahn’s (counsel and speech writer to Robert F. Kennedy, and the creator of TimeBanking) birthday on 23 March, our friends and partners at Timebanks.Org are hosting the Fifth International Timebanking Day, with events spread across Thursday 23rd and Sunday 26th March 2023. Bringing a spotlight to the experience of time bank members from around the globe and from every walk of life. 

To find out more and to take part, click here.

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Could Timebanking help prevent climate crisis?

André Gorz, a French social scientist, coined the term “degrowth” in 1972. At an academic forum, he posed a revolutionary question: “Is the earth’s balance, for which no-growth—or even degrowth—of material production is a necessary condition, compatible with the survival of the capitalist system?” Back then, the idea of prioritizing human and environmental welfare over economic growth was so radical that Gorz was laughed out of the political sphere. 

The concept of degrowth as demonstrated in a timebank in Boston in the US.

The full story can be read here (external link).

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Fantastic news from Ukraine – new time bank set up!


Ukraine time bankThere’s recently been a fantastic development in the world of timebanking! Along with @TimeBanksOrg we’ve supported the @PAUCIFoundation to set up a time bank in Ukraine! Timebank Verkhovyna has launched in West Ukraine helping to involve people displaced from Eastern Ukraine where they can feel valued and engaged in the local community. I am personally very proud and moved with their mention of my help.

The full story can be read here (external link).

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A sad day for timebanking

Dr. Edgar Cahn

Sadly, the world has lost a wonderful pioneer and trailblazer to the Timebanking movement early Sunday morning.

Dr. Edgar Cahn, age 86, One of the founders of timebanking, author of Time Dollars and No More Throw-Away People, embodied the highest ideals of both mobilizing communities to come together to express their strengths and to restore mutual care. He created a new way to link untapped social capacity to unmet social needs and for communities to come together to help promote trust, reciprocity, and citizen engagement.
In the most beautiful way, Edgar moved people from his heart. He made each person feel that their problem is important and that he has all the time in the world for them.

Thank you, Edgar.

On behalf of the timebanking movement in the UK. Our deepest sympathies to not just his family but everyone that has been touched by him.

We have what we need – if we use what we have” – Edgar Cahn

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Time to speak up

Timebanking UK has been working with partners across the country to give a voice to people who have been hit hard by the pandemic, whether because of mental health issues, low income, unemployment or other challenges. The European Social Fund (ESF) has funded training and support to help TBUK work with Creative Lives, Richmond Fellowship, Coventry and Warwickshire Cooperative Development Agency and the BBC on a series of projects… and they’re seeking participants for the latest training programme, Sound Ideas to Share.

Sound Ideas to Share will equip those who take part with the skills they need to find employment in the creative or broadcasting area, and will include a set of training sessions from BBC Radio Merseyside’s Ngunan Adamu. The sessions are fun and interactive, and people will learn how to write a compelling trailer and intro, how to find and brief guests, and how to record, upload and promote their podcasts. They also have the chance to find out about timebanking and share their skills with others through a time bank.

Last year, TBUK worked with Richmond Fellowship’s Vicki Pritchard, who runs Our Time time bank in Liverpool, and producer John Offord, along with a group of enthusiastic trainee podcasters, to produce It’s About Time, a series of podcasts exploring their own lived experience of mental health issues. One of the participants, Aaron Mckenna, a member of Mencap Liverpool and Sefton, has gone on to make further podcasts.

Earlier in 2020, another crew of amateur broadcasters, this time in Coventry and Warwickshire, got together to create three more broadcasts, as part of the Sound Ideas stable of podcasts, again working with John Offord (see below). The team were joined at the celebration to mark their success by Mick Spicer, who runs Time 4 Warwickshire.

A group of people are standing together. Some are kneeling. Some of the people are holding certificates. They are smiling.

If you know someone in the Liverpool area who might benefit from learning a set of new skills – as well as making new friends and gaining self-confidence – please call Vicki Pritchard on 07901 517336.

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