Timebanking UK 

What is Timebanking UK’s role?

We help organisations and groups of individuals set up time banks and community networks by offering resources, advice, policy guidance, and training, as well as developing standards for best practice via our Quality Mark™. We also offer regional and local training days, engagement ideas, timebanking software and a mobile phone app.   

Joining Timebanking UK gives time banks the knowledge they need to make the best start; we’ll keep them up to date with all the latest news and developments across the country. Time banks govern themselves and decide on their own local activities, but we provide a set of working guidelines to follow. This enables time banks to access an insurance policy from our recommended insurers.  As a member of Timebanking UK, time banks can access the Members’ Area of our website, which is packed with bright ideas for keeping your time bank going strong. 

We also work at national level, spreading the word about our model and values, lobbying policymakers, informing the media, and working with likeminded partners in business and the charity sector to enhance community cohesion and individual resilience. 

We act as expert consultants to promote best practice within timebanking, as well as influencing the broader conversation about social inclusion and how to defeat the scourges of loneliness and low self-worth. 

Why should my time bank join TBUK? 

As the custodians of timebanking in the UK, we help commissioners, local authorities, health professionals and individual time banks every step of the way.

We have a wealth of resources to help time banks, including training tailored to your needs, and our TOL2 software has been developed through years of experience of timebanking. We advise time banks about legal issues they may encounter, on how to deal with difficult situations, and on ways to minimise risk for everyone involved. We can also liaise with the DWP and DBS on behalf of our time banks.

TBUK also offers ways for time bank brokers to share their experiences and work towards best practice online and in person.