Quality Mark Holder

Paxton Green, Lambeth

Paxton Green’s innovative and progressive time bank brings together Clinical Commissioning Groups, Link Workers, and community members.

“Paxton Green Time Bank currently has over 200 active members, a figure which is growing weekly. We are committed to supporting the growth of time banking both in Southwark and Lambeth, and also nationally by working in partnership with Timebanking UK.”

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St Ives Time Bank, Cambridgeshire

St Ives Time Bank has gone from strength to strength since it launched in October 2013, with an ever-increasing number of individual and organisational members.

“St Ives’ answer to exchanging knowledge and skills, where the only currency is time. An exciting venture where people in the town are volunteering their own time and skills in return for other people’s. The project is strengthening ties in the community as well as bridging some of the gaps recent government cuts have created.”

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Lee Fair Share, Lewisham

This small time bank prides itself on its super-local catchment area – members are likely to bump into each other in their corner of south London.

“Our time bank enables people from all backgrounds to come together, sharing their experiences and skills. People who might previously have felt isolated or marginalised in society can begin to feel more involved with and valued by those living around them, increasing the sense of local community.” 

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Our Time, Liverpool

This project takes a new approach by supporting individuals to engage with their local community, access services and rebuild their confidence.

“We’re a time banking project which aims to tackle the social isolation faced by adults in the Liverpool area who suffer from mental health issues. We create opportunities for people with mental health problems to exchange their skills and time and thereby improve their mental health by incorporating the five ways to wellbeing: connecting, giving, learning, taking notice and being active.”

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HOur Bank, Peckham

HOurBank gives people, organisations and businesses the chance to share skills and build community simply by helping one another. It’s a unique social group that runs on timebanking principles.

“Here at the HOurBank, we’re building a community by simply helping one another. Community building helps people find friends outside of their usual circles, gives them experience and confidence in the skills they love, while making them feel valued.” 

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Opportunity Knocks Time Bank, Plymouth

Opportunity Knocks operates in the Colebrook area of Plymouth.

“We’ve been working with individuals, communities and organisations in and around Plymouth for 30 years and pride ourselves in putting people at the heart of everything we do. Our vision is to inspire and empower people to achieve their independence and aspirations and make a difference to individuals, groups and communities in Plymouth and surrounding areas.” 

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Rushey Green time bank

Rushey Green is one of the country’s oldest and most successful time banks.

“Our vision is to achieve a cohesive community in the Rushey Green area, where neighbours know neighbours and can rely on each other for help and support. Where people of different ages, cultures, backgrounds and abilities interact with each other on an equal footing and with mutual respect and understanding.”

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Give and Take Time

Give and Take Time aims to build on existing community spirit, widen community capacity and build community resilience within Northill in Bedfordshire.

“We’re delighted to have received national recognition for the time and effort taken to ensure the quality of our time bank. Thanks to all the members and directors who’ve made this possible and thanks to Timebanking UK together with Voluntary and Community Action in Leighton Buzzard for all their help and support… thanks to the timebanking community as a whole who have shared their expertise, making the whole setting up process so much easier and safer.”

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Fair Shares Community Time Banks

Established in November 1998, Fair Shares in Gloucester was the first ever time bank in the UK. The time bank has worked extensively with community groups and prisons.

“We’re extremely proud to have been awarded this Quality Mark. We’re grateful to all of our participants and partners in shaping the future of the local economies and we look forward to helping others do the same…”

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St Neots: QM–Oct 2018

This time bank in Cambridgeshire has been around for eight years and is highly active in teaming with local organisations and applying for funding.    

“We were absolutely delighted to hear the news that we have been awarded the TBUK Quality Mark. This approval from TBUK confirms that we continue to operate affectively and positively within the spirit  and ethos of the timebanking movement. It reflects the hard work and commitment of St Neots Time Bank members.”  

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