social isolation

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    Corporate Partnerships at Timebanking UK

    Social isolation and loneliness are strongly associated with anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide attempts. Here at Timebanking UK we support a network of communities to fill in the gaps left by formal provision, bringing social connection to those who need it most. Our work has proven benefits for:
    • People struggling with their mental health
    • People with refugee or asylum seeker status
    • Those living with long term health conditions
    • The long term unemployed and looking to find their feet
    • Prisoners, and people transitioning back in to the community
    • People struggling with addiction and looking to reconnect with society
    • Young people seeking a first independent step without the support of a family
    • Students experiencing isolation and associated mental health struggles
    By donating to Timebanking UK you can help us to bring positive change to the lives of people from all walks of life who simply need support to recognise and bring forth their inner value.
    Read our stories and you’ll hear about people who have benefitted from timebanking’s national network.
    Like David (story 13) who was part of a time bank in Essex who said “I laid in that bed all them years thinking nobody cared, but people do, even strangers.” He had been bedbound for eight years after his legs were amputated. Time bank members visited and supported him providing social and practical help.
    Every donation helps Timebanking UK to keep invaluable community support in place, meaning David and people like him everywhere will know that they are not forgotten.
    Here are examples of how your money could be put to work improving lives in communities that matter most to you.
    Please get in touch with our team if you’d like to discuss a more tailored approach.
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