Timebanking Canada

Timebanking Canada

Timebanking Canada Inc., a Canadian Federal Non-profit Corporation, has launched a project to set up a network of Timebanks in the different communities across Ottawa and the surrounding regions. The Timebanking Canada – Parent Timebank is first launching the Ottawa Timebank and will gradually expand into a network of community time banks across Ottawa and surrounding regions–a timebank for the members of a community, interest group, or ethnic group. Members may choose to belong to one or more community timebanks and reach out across communities to give and receive help.  We envision expanding our network of timebanks across communities in Eastern, Central, and Western Canada.

Timebanking is a simple concept of exchanging support and service with no money changing hands.

Timebanking aims to inspire people community-wide to exchange skills and help, supporting one another. This will reduce loneliness and isolation. Community sharing is done by giving a ‘time credit’ for each hour devoted to helping or serving someone. The ‘time credits’ earned can be used to receive a service from any other member, now or later. This is not a voluntary service. 

In Timebanking, ‘Time’ is the currency of exchange and everyone’s time is equal.

One hour = one hour, irrespective of qualification, income, position, or social status.  That creates a level playing field for allTimebanking thrives on the belief that everyone has something to give regardless of their age, ability, situation, or background. If you receive help, you, too, can give a service or skill in exchange. ‘Giving’ and ‘receiving’ on a reciprocal basis promote mutual respect and dignity. 

Our mission is to build positive social relationships and promote healthy communities.

We aim to bring people together by sharing skills, time, and goodwill with fellow community members—strengthening communities one hour at a time.

Timebanking Canada
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