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Time for timebanking!

Two women are holding a t shirt that says 'ask me about timebanking'. They are in front of a timebanking display. They're both smiling.

As pandemic restrictions ease, timebanking exchanges of all types are taking place safely again. Members are taking it at their own pace – as timebanking enables them to do – and new members, who joined the effort at the peak of the pandemic, are realising that joining a time bank is a really easy way to keep connected with their friends and neighbours.

If you’d like to find out how timebanking works, come along to one of our online sessions and find out how timebanking makes people feel happier, healthier and better connected. You’ll also discover why timebanking is great for communities – and for companies or larger organisations.

Each stand-alone Zoom session explains how timebanking works in practice, and how Timebanking UK can help you start a time bank in your neighbourhood.

Please click on the relevant session to register. We look forward to seeing you there.

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