Our Monmouthshire

Our Monmouthshire Time Bank is a way for people in Monmouthshire to share their time and skills. Timebanking is all about doing what you enjoy, at a time that suits you – and getting a little help when you need it, too. When you join the time bank, you use our online platform to put up offers and requests of ways to share time.

If you enjoy DIY for example, you might see a request for someone to paint a garden fence. You’d arrange to do this through the platform, and spend an hour doing it. You earn a timebanking hour – you can then spend this at your time bank on a skill that’s being offered by other members of your time bank; maybe learning the guitar, or getting some company when you go for a walk.

You can also use Our Monmouthshire’s platform to tell people about your community events and to share news. This is your online community, a friendly and open place to share your stories and events.

Our Monmouthshire Time Bank aligns with Our Monmouthshire’s Wellbeing Plan, supporting communities and business to be part of a thriving and well-connected county.

To find out more or join Our Monmouthshire, email hello@ourmonmouthshire.org or contact Claire at claire.scawn@madeopen.co.uk

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East Marsh United Time Bank

We are here to help the people of Grimsby – one hour at a time!

We can achieve this with the aid of timebanking, where skills are traded one hour at a time, with everyone’s hour being equal. Giving members access to resources they may never normally be able to afford – especially when money is not always readily available.

More information about East Marsh United can be found here 

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Timesight London

For every hour’s help a member gives another, they receive one timebanking hour, which they can spend on receiving help. You might be able to give another time bank member a massage, help them with their mail, or chat to them on the phone for an hour or so. In turn, you might spend your timebanking hour on learning a language or instrument, or getting some help in your garden.

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TimeBank Hull and East Riding

For every hour’s help a member gives another (eg guitar lesson, digging garden, giving a massage), they receive one time credit which they can spend on receiving help from another member (eg fixing a bike, setting up a WiFi connection, hanging some wallpaper).

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Wasps Timebank

The Wasps Timebank enables our creative community to pledge their expertise and skills and access reciprocal support from others in the network.

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Cambourne Timebank

This is the time bank for Cambourne and the surrounding area.
New members are welcome: please complete the sign up form here.

You can submit it online or, if you prefer, download it and email to timebank.cambourne@gmail.com.

All information about new members and Cambourne TimeBank’s Privacy Policy can be found on our website here.

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The Time Exchange

The Time Exchange is a community based time banking initiative and drop-in centre based in Arthur’s Hill, Newcastle. Local residents exchange time and skills with each other. Members voluntarily carry out work for each other and earn ‘time credits’ in return. These credits can be exchanged for other member services.

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Woolmer Forest

A time bank for the Whitehill and Bordon area in East Hampshire. We are part of the Time 4 Hampshire project.

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